GENERAL Contractors:

General Contractors have a very complex set of issues surrounding their business. We believe the best way to protect your business as a GC has nothing to do with insurance at all. Most risks can be transferred contractually through lawyer reviewed subcontractor agreement and hold harmless and indemnification wording. Having your subcontractors add you as an additional insured 100% of the time is also an effective way to cover yourself, however, you cannot fully depend on the fact that a subcontractor has adequate insurance to protect themselves. Often times, they do not. 

With that being said, GC's still need to purchase some insurance to protect themselves in the event of a construction defect claim or injury to someone on the jobsite. Our firm has an analytical tool based on your operations that can identify any coverage concerns and fix them, either with the purchase of insurance, or without it.


      Coverages Available

  • Builders Risk
  • Surety Bonds
  • Workers Compensation
  • OCIP / CCIP Program Design
  • General Liability
  • Equipment Insurance
  • Professional Liability 
  • Commercial Auto
  • Property



Aside from Plumbing and Electrical contractors, a sub's three largest expenses are usually in payroll, materials and workers compensation. Our company has experience in reducing payroll and workers compensation costs drastically through the proper structuring of work comp policies, payroll technology and creative techniques that lower your per employee cost of hire. Alternative work comp programs like retrospective rating policies, large deductible programs and captive insurance platforms can create competitive advantages for your company, and possibly a profit center for you moving forward.